Shared Care & Control Orders

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If Joint Custody Orders are not granted as often as the the government and some lawyers appear to assume – Shared Care & Control Orders are even less often granted in Hong Kong. That said, such arrangements are not wholly unknown and the following authorities give some indication as to the likely circumstances the Family Court will consider such an application.

H v H CACV 42/2002, where the Court of Appeal first upheld an order for shared care.
RWS v KCC FCMC 9661 of 2010
SEB v ZX (Custody) [2007] HKFLR 165 (also reported as S v Z FCMC 14535 / 2005)
TAC v VDC nee VDM FCMC 16497/2010 (presently unreported)see HCMP 2198/2012  Appeal Dismissed