Contact & Enquiries

You can contact Keith Hotten by e-mail using the form below. Please note, whilst I will always try to respond to questions on Matrimonial Law & Criminal Defence – formal legal advice may only be obtained via instructions from a solicitor in Hong Kong, which I would be happy to pass on. Both Written and Zoom enquires are available (in English and Chinese). Ask below for more details.

您可以透過使用以下表格電子與Keith Hotten聯繫。請注意,儘管我盡力嘗試回答有關家事法的問題,我所給的意見不可當為正式的法律意見使用。正式的法律意見需要通過香港律師正式委托。在我給初步意見後,我很樂意轉介個案。書面和視像平台Zoom查詢均可用(中英文)。點擊下方查詢更多詳細信息。