Soap Box – a la Mode

A blog has been described as a small clearing in the jungle of the World Wide Web. This is a good analogy, always provided it is understood that most personal blogs are no more than a note on a leaf in a jungle the size of the Amazon – and this one is no exception. This particular clearing is located in a Special Administrative Region of China and self-evidently is principally concerned with my professional work but also – mainly because I enjoy writing – some of my interests and ideas outside the law.

As a child I used to put together scrapbooks, mostly filled with pictures of my heroes – mainly footballers – in my case Chelsea and England footballers. A personal blog is really no more than a wonderful hi-tech, grown-up, scrapbook in which to file personal cuttings. Most blogs have a theme and whilst this one centres on my professional interest in family and criminal law, I will also share writing and ideas I find interesting, persuasive or otherwise absorbing, in the hope that others may find it so too. I am an unashamed free-speech fundamentalist and the free flow and sharing of ideas is an end in itself, in my view.

So Blogging is a harmless pursuit for those who like to write; it is a free and it is a free world, at least for those of us fortunate enough to be able to communicate like this – without worrying about our doors being kicked down in the middle of the night like my hero Ai Weiwei just a short trip from where I am writing here.

So when the mood takes me or if I read something I find interesting I will occasionally note or link to it in the drop-down boxes on this link.